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Choosing Among Multiple Pest Control Companies in Singapore

Pest Control Companies

Selecting a person who will keep insects and animals out of your property is just as important as going for any other service in general. You need to take the job seriously and consider a number of factors. Nowadays, there is such an abundance of pest control companies in Singapore that finding a good one is nothing but challenging. To help you sift through the pile, we have assembled a list of tips on how to handle the task successfully. Let’s go.

Things to Check Out

Credentials. Reputable companies have pest control licences and are proud to show them off when a customer asks for one. They also readily provide information about their copies of labels that their products come with, and everything in between. In other words, there should be no secrets.

Certificate. The technician who is performing the services must be certified to operate the machinery and apply pesticides. This will ensure that they won’t use the wrong chemicals in inappropriate doses when treating your property or office. Every company should employ qualified applicators and provide any additional training as necessary.

Approved Stamp

Guarantee. The best pest control companies will give you some sort of guarantee. It is your job to ask how long it lasts and what it covers.

Liability insurance. Some exterminators offer insurance in case of damage to the property during treatment. If such exists, familiarise yourself with the terms before you sign any form of contracts.

Experience. Opting for a company that has been around for a long time is a safer bet than selecting a newer one. Not to mention, this increases your chance of finding more customer reviews.

Red Flags to Watch out for

Give a wide berth to pest busters who:

  • Come unexpectedly showing a bunch of insects that they supposedly discovered in nearby areas, such as your neighbours’.
  • Offer immediate treatment of your office/property with materials and chemicals that, they claim, have left out from previous jobs.
  • Go out of their way to coax you into signing a contract and even try to pressure you with arguments (e.g. the infestation might be putting the foundations of your home at risk).
  • Quote a price that is calculated per litre. What you should know is that sometimes hundreds of litres of insecticide diluted with water are necessary to cover a whole building. You don’t want to be charged in this manner.
  • Don’t have a phone number listed on their website or leaflets.
  • Offer to perform pest control around your property as an additional service to a general treatment like tree trimming or home repair, etc..
  • Say their products have secret ingredients. As per Singapore regulations of pesticides, all formulas must be registered in advance, so no surprises are allowed.

How to Find Affordable Pest Control in Singapore?

expensive service

Now, when it comes to these things, everyone will tell you that the more expensive the service is, the better the quality will be. If you are after premium, you shouldn’t be reluctant to pay a higher fee. Of course, companies that are reasonably priced are not necessarily to be distrusted, yet that doesn’t mean you should go for the cheapest.

Normally, pest control providers in Singapore charge an average amount of $80 to $100 a month. Don’t aim for anything that is lower than that. For a quarterly service, customers pay around $100 to $150. This is just a ballpark figure that can grow bigger when more services are added on top of it and depending on the exterminators you go with.

But as you can see from above, the cost is not the only factor. You should also look for value and competency. Since pesticides are used, it is essential they are applied correctly to avoid damage to one’s property and health.

Unfortunately, there is no way to provide a list of pest control companies in Singapore. We suggest you check for pest control Singapore reviews online, take a look at their websites, have a word with their consultants, ask for estimates, and compare the prices. That’s the best thing you can do if you want to land the finest service. And also, ask around. If you have friends or neighbours that have used pest control in the past, don’t be afraid to learn from their experience.

Why You Should Stay Away from Low Estimates

If a company puts its service on the lower end of the cost spectrum, it means they may be compromising on quality or safety. For instance, they might be using too much or too little product that will either not solve the problem or present a hazard for the inhabitants of the building. What is more, if an estimate seems too good to be true, there could also be some hidden fees that you weren’t told about.