Little is truly known about bed bugs and what they actually are. Many believe they are a product of bad sanitation and uncleanliness; nothing could be further from the truth. Bedbugs basically live off of us. We’re their human blood-meal hosts! No matter how clean your compound is, any place is at risk of a bedbug infestation if bedbugs are brought into your home.

When a bedbug feeds, it injects saliva into its blood-meal host, routinely generating an allergic response from most hosts. A person being repeatedly bitten by bed bugs can be very uncomfortable, develop lots of reddish, itchy welts (at bite sites) and often have difficulty sleeping. Any compound with mattresses, pillows or foam cushions is at a very real risk of a bedbug infestation.

Don’t become a bedbug’s next meal. Get your rooms bedbug proofed today.

Receive a bedbug activity report. We’ll create a report with both photos and video footage of all found nests, eggs, droppings and live bedbugs that we caught.

Thorough and comprehensive wipe. Our experts will source out all nests and use a machine spray to properly fumigate the areas. The chemical residue (non-corrosive, non-toxic) lasts up to 40 days after application, with 100% certainty of bedbugs being unable to breed or survive.

6 Months Warranty. No catches. No hidden fees. For the next 6 months, you can rest assured you’ll be bedbug free.