The pest with the dirtiest reputation. Making their homes in trash cans, garbage dumps and piles of rotting food, cockroaches are perhaps the pound-for-pound dirtiest pest when it comes to carrying germs and foul-smelling bacteria.

Cockroaches don’t discriminate at all and will eat almost anything; fruits, bread crumbs, glue, you name it. They contaminate your compound by leaving dropping and scattering bacteria all over the place, leaving behind tiny parts of their body that can settle in the dust. They carry diseases and also can cause allergic reactions in adults and trigger childhood asthma.

Don’t get me started on what will happen if you’re in the food retail business and a cockroach crawls out from under a table. Or even worse, ON the table! Don’t let the kitchen nightmare begin; deal with the problem before it has a chance to begin.

We provide a 20 point check. The industry average is 5 points.

We provide a through and comprehensive sweep of every single aspect of your supply chain, not limited to:

  • Floor traps
  • Fridge sides
  • Cabinet gaps
  • Wall cracks
  • Furniture joints
  • Trolley & Cabinet wheels
  • Boxes
  • Dustbins
  • Plastic bag corners
  • Infrequently used machines and appliances

Chemical sprays instead of gels and stick pads. Most of the industry simply use traditional gels and stick pads to trap cockroaches. We have modern chemical sprays which are specifically formulated to be highly effective against cockroach infestations.

We use Tenopa SC. Current scientific research points to this being the most effective chemical for cockroach killing. The chemical residue (non-corrosive, non-toxic) lasts up to 40 days from application, 100% preventing any chance of breeding and survival.

Prevent any potential entries. Even if there aren’t any cockroaches right now on your compound, that might be a temporary scenario. Our experts will help you seal up and permanently prevent any potential entries.

3 months warranty. No catches. No hidden fees. For the next 3 months, you’re guaranteed to be cockroach free.