For everyone in the food supply and wholesaling industry, pest control is an absolute imperative. All it takes is one little infestation in your warehouse and you can say goodbye to all your stock, as the AVA requires complete disinfection of the entire premises before you’re allowed to resupply.

For more extreme pests like rodents, you might even be forced into a product recall and you could face a loss of contracts, which would drag your company’s reputation through the dirt.

Prevention is always better than cure. Get your warehouse pest-proofed today.
We provide a 20 point check. The industry average is 5 points.

We provide a thorough and comprehensive sweep of every single aspect of your supply chain, not limited to:

  • Floor traps
  • Fridge sides
  • Cabinet gaps
  • Wall cracks
  • Furniture joints
  • Trolley & Cabinet wheels
  • Boxes
  • Dustbins
  • Plastic bag corners
  • Infrequently used machines and appliances

Chemical sprays instead of gels and stick pads. Most of the industry simply use traditional gels and stick pads to trap cockroaches. We have modern chemical sprays which are specifically formulated to be highly effective against cockroach infestations.

We’re experts at handling rodent infestations. Our comprehensive anti-rodent plan allows us to:

  1. Locate all possible rodent entry points
  2. Search for traces of rodent activity
  3. Seal away all rodent entry points (extra charges apply)

We offer up to 5 unique rodent eradication methods without the use of harmful chemicals. Preventing food contamination is our utmost priority when conducting anti-pest treatments. Our methods are completely 100% food safe.

We guarantee a cockroach free environment. After treatment, if cockroaches persist, we’ll give you one month of free pest-control service. Still sceptical?