In hot and humid Singapore, everyone’s most hated pest has to be the ubiquitous mosquito. Anyone who has had dengue fever will attest that the experience is absolutely horrible. Fevers, muscular pain and of course the terrible headache.

If you’re a business owner, the last thing you want is for your establishment to get a reputation of being mosquito infested. Many over the counter mosquito solutions are pungent and are unpleasant to your customers base.

Don’t delay any longer. We’ll make sure to search and destroy all of your mosquito problems for good.

We’ve got experience in this. Our team members consist of a few highly trained ex-mosquito pest control officers who’ve handled cases for NEA.

No more horrible fogging. We offer misting, a far less disruptive way of dealing with mosquitos, at the same price as fogging.

Search and destroy. We’ll conduct a thorough sweep of your premises for any standing water and destroy any existing mosquito colonies for good.