Rodents like rats and mice enjoy snug warm places to hide – like in the nooks and crannies of your kitchen. They’re incredibly hard to keep out of structures. For instance, while they look large, rats can squeeze through the tiniest of spaces – about the size of a 50c coin.

If you’re in the food retail business and a customer sees a rat – you can pretty much close up shop immediately. You’ll suffer an immediate loss of all trust from customers and your establishment will never be able to shirk that reputation of being a rat haven. The rats that customers don’t see can lead to damage of goods and equipment; electrical appliances like computers and microwaves will be the first to go.

A highly comprehensive sweep of all facets of your building. We’ll sweep through tough to enter areas where there is electrical wiring, piping, water leaks, or even areas under construction.

Receive a report of all entry points. We’ll create video and photo report of all found entry points on location, traces of activity and live rodents that we caught.

Through this research, we can come up with a custom eradication plan specifically to target the rodents in your compound.

3-week refresh. We refresh trapping methods and baits used every 3 weeks to prevent rodents from adapting to our extermination methods.

We’re the only anti-pest provider in the country that promises a 100% rodent eradication guarantee with a 2-year warranty.