Antipest’s cockroach control service is designed to eliminate pest infestations at residential and commercial buildings. What makes our programme so thorough and results-oriented is the fact that it focuses on eradicating the problem at the root level. We do not just apply all-purpose products – we identify the type of insect, take into consideration its habits, and choose the areas where we can use our equipment most effectively. Then we complete the task meticulously. Whether you inhabit a townhouse, old condo, landed property, flat or business building, you can count on us to minimise cockroach infestations and prevent a recurrence.

How we do it

When you get in touch with us, you can ask for a free inspection. We will send a team of technicians to examine your property and develop a personalised plan that will meet your specific needs. If you are okay with it, you can schedule an appointment for a day that suits you best. Our specialists will arrive on time for the procedure and demand access to the edifice to get started.

Depending on the chosen plan, they will set up baits around the perimeter of the building, indoors too, or spray all the required areas with specialised products. While working on this, they will take into consideration several factors. For example, each cockroach species has their preferences for temperature, favourite hiding places, as well as eating and breeding habits. Using this information is the only way to make the treatment 100% effective and you can be sure that we will do what it takes to rid your home or office of pests.

Why Antipest?

  • We have a stellar track record of pest eradication, backed by years of practice and oodles of repeat customers.
  • Our specialised extermination and proofing system is effective up to 24 weeks post-treatment and covers a wide variety of roach species like Dusky cockroach, Oriental cockroach, American cockroach, and German Cockroach.
  • We offer same-day inspection for your convenience and peace of mind. Furthermore, instead of offering a “one size fits all” service, we take the time to generate solutions based on your individual needs.
  • Our staff are certified, fully vetted, and qualified. Each worker undergoes extensive training that covers disinfection, deratisation, and disinsection of both public and private sites.


Q: Are your products safe for kids and pets?

A: We use professional products of the highest grade, which leave no odour and pose no health risks to people and animals. Your family members and four-legged friends will be fine.

Q: How long does it take for the treatment to take effect?

A: This will vary according to the products and techniques implemented in the procedure. If baits are used, the results will begin to show sometime after the cockroaches ingest the insecticide. For other methods, you may see the difference almost immediately.

Q: Do I need to leave the building after your team is done?

A: It is recommended that you stay away from the premises for 30-60 minutes after the treatment. Our technicians will let you know when it is okay to go back home.

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare the property before the service?

A: If possible, please pull your furniture a couple of centimetres off from the walls, put away all electrical appliances, food, spices, and other things that sit on the countertops, and empty the area under the kitchen sink.