At Antipest, we offer an innovative approach to insect removal that leaves a minuscule impact on the environment. Our hornet and wasp control service leads by example. It not only involves using nature-friendly products but is also very comprehensive, including areas that self-treatment cannot handle. It entails locating the pests’ breeding site, source of attraction, and level of infestation. Because every situation is different, our programme is specialised, guaranteeing you the finest results. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details and request a free inspection.

How we do it?

First, we will pay you a visit to identify what type of hornets and wasps you are dealing with. This will help us create a targeted plan for removing the infestations that involve your specific problems. The next step will be to send you the offer and if it appeals to you, we will proceed to action.

We will arrive at your property as scheduled bringing in all our cutting-edge equipment. We will implement an environmentally-sensitive approach to address your hornets and wasps issue that won’t affect plants or animals. If necessary, we will come back to dispose of the nests too. Please, note that this is not always possible and is highly dependent on the location of the structure. Needless to say, the method of action we choose will be geared towards completing your individual demands and needs.

The treatment will involve the application of specialised aerosol sprays and insecticide dusts that we use carefully around different surfaces due to their oily bases. These products will not only kill existing insects and continue to work for six months straight but will also deter new ones from coming. We might have to work late in the evening when all the hornets and wasps are back in the nest. You will probably notice results as soon as we head out of the building. However, it is estimated that your insect issue will be solved completely by the end of the second day. For continuous results, it may be wise to schedule monthly services with Antipest.

Why Antipest?


Q: How do I tell that I have a wasp nest?

A: If you notice that heaps of wasps are coming together around an entry point in your property, this may be a sign of an existing nest.

Q: How long before the treatment works?

A: You can expect to see fewer wasps and hornets soon after our technicians leave your building. There may still be some hornet activity several hours post-treatment, but it will disappear within 24-48 hours of the procedure being carried out. If you notice no results at all or are not satisfied with the way the job was carried out, call us and we will see into the case.

Q: Are your products harmless for humans and pets?

A: Yes. We have access to premium pest control equipment that is designed for professional use and is not available to the public. Because it is very specific, we make sure our exterminators are trained to operate with it in the most efficient way. They also follow all requirements to protect your family and animals.

Q: What happens if the nest is located in a slightly inaccessible position or is completely out of reach?

A: In the case of ladder work being required, additional charges may be incurred. Please, reach out to our office to find out whether we can provide a solution to the problem.