How we do it?

The best way to deal with rats is to know their behaviour and habits. However, it has to be noted that species do not act the same. There are three rat types found in Singapore and we know them inside out. The first step to eradicating them is identification. We start off by inspecting the infested area. We then decide on an action plan – what method will work best, how much product will be needed, how long the treatment will be, etc. If you agree on the strategy, we proceed to extermination.

Using baits, traps, or rodenticides, it may take us up to a few days to provide long-term relief from mice and rats. During this time, we will come back to dispose of the dead bodies, set up more traps, and monitor the area. We guarantee that your family and co-workers will be safe.

Why Antipest?


Q: How do I tell that my property has been infested with rats?

A: There will be a lot of signs that something is amiss with your place, other than seeing a rat of course, which is not so likely to happen considering they are most active at night. You will notice droppings, rub marks on different surfaces, running tracks in dusty areas, burrows and nests where rodents keep their food supplies. Sometimes there will be scratching noises and a distinctive smell coming from less used places, walls, and roofs.

Q: If there are rats in my property, does that mean it’s filthy?

A: Rats generally cling onto places with water, food, and shelter which basically makes them attracted to every residence or office. Yours is simply no exception.

Q: What types of products are used to kill rats?

A: The market offers a host of stuff that can help get rid of rodents, from poison (vitamin-based, anti-coagulants, and bromethalin, etc.) to bait stations and traps. At Antipest, we stick with professional equipment and products that are not available at your regular store.

Q: Why hire a company to deratise my home when I can tackle it myself?

A: Pests are incredibly difficult to treat once they invade a building. They can find their way into your home through different entry points creating a chaos. A certified technician knows where to look for and how to address the issue without putting your life at risk. They are also trained in applying pesticides properly and effectively.