Termites in Singapore are some of the most feared pests due to their potential to deal huge financial damage to any business owner. Termites feed on cellulose found in wood and deal huge amounts of damage to many different properties across the island.

Just because your establishment doesn’t have wooden foundations doesn’t mean that termites won’t attack. Termites are known to carry out “exploratory feeding”, which can damage wire tubings, PVC casings and copper wiring. This could mean thousands of dollars in damage in having to replace wall panels and other fittings as you’ll have to replace the entire thing.

Save yourself from the annoyance and stress and pest-proof your area today.

We provide comprehensive treatment. To proof your establishment from termites, we do termite baiting, soil treatments and collective treatments to ensure that termites never infest your building again.

5-year warranty. Having termite troubles again? You’ll get another treatment at no further cost.